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  • 03.04.2020
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Jukasa | 03.04.2020
I love your videos are the best I've seen I hope you upload more with more
Yobei | 09.04.2020
My deconversion began with the realization that god does not keep its promises. Scripture makes some fairly concrete claims god will give you the desires of your heart, etc. I believed innocently, naively, implicitly. I grew up in church, Christian schools, as both an MK and a PK. Christian camps in summer, then I was a camp counselor . I started my college years in a Christian university. I would allow myself a certain amount of freedom to question and think for myself, but as a good Christian there was always a point at which my questions must stop. Usually a good paradox came to mind, such as how can something exist from nothing without god?
Vudora | 13.04.2020
I contemplated asking my cutie pie neighbor if I could pay him 200 bucks to make out with me for an hour😂😂😂

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