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Category: Lap Dance

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Virg | 11.11.2020
aw wow thank you so much! were glad you loved! thanks for displaying love! kim and chris
Tekus | 11.11.2020
you are DADDYS kinda gurl.GET AT DADDY.
Taulrajas | 12.11.2020
I dress for myself, for the most part. I want to look nice on my own, paired with Hubby, compared to others....not in a comparative way per se, just to fit in, in that sense. I don't want to be the humdrum. :-P
Vudomi | 14.11.2020
Suggested protocol for touching new people (can be applied to all people, whether new or not): One person indicates (verbally or nonverbally) that a touch (handshake or whatever else) is wanted, the second person initiates. E. G., for handshakes, one person holds out their hand, the other person either takes it or does not, as they prefer.
Zulugrel | 17.11.2020
Vc e uma delĂ­cia quero vc

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