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  • 19.09.2019
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Medal | 19.09.2019
Have a kid that's a genius and goes on to make gobs and gobs of money who sends you a check every month but never visits and just calls once a year or have a kid that's not too bright, works a lower paying job and barely scrapes by but visits and calls often.
Faekora | 21.09.2019
i'm sorry, i'm just angry. they did not cause the fire. not sure if p.g.&e. had any part in this but the residents didn't. i just hope this opens a lot of eyes that need to be opened. r.i.p. to those who perished.
Golar | 22.09.2019
Ask 2Much4U/McNasty. He'll give you the Jehovah's Witnesses version of events.
Shagar | 24.09.2019
*clutches pearls*
Akinom | 27.09.2019
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